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Saturday, July 30, 2005


while depsite hell not freezing over last year, there actually will be an NHL season next year.  however, NO INTERCONFERENCE PLAY.  What else is there for a chicago hockey fan (to clatify a hockey fan who lives in the city of Chicago) to do but wait for the Rangers, Flyers or Devils to come in town.
though nothing has been announced yet, i am still pretty sure there will be no blackhawks on local tv.


Finally won a big MTT touney online last week.  not a huge one or anything, but after many final tables its good to finally close the deal.  I was walking around on air for a few days.  which gets me to thinking, which is a bigger thing-- money or the winning.  After a cash games score for a similar amount, i dont have the same feeling.  I finally understand why people become tourney junkies.
Adding to the fun was that i knocked out russell rosenbloom and andrew park at the final table, a couple of more "big names"
yeah me

Thursday, July 14, 2005


looks like she will make the final 8 at the Publinx.  incredible for any 15 year old.  while she likely still won't win, she is doing something special.
I wonder which will happen sooner-- A repeat champion in the WSOP main event or a woman winning a major men's golf tourney.

Saturday, July 9, 2005

all woman should read this...

great column by bill simmons the other day and all women should read to understand about mariah carey.  here is an excerpt.

(And speaking of Mariah, is anyone else excited about seeing her back in the limelight? For more than 10 years, she's been my kryptonite -- the one crazy female celebrity that just plain did it for me. Can't explain it. And nothing drives a woman crazier than hearing a guy say, "I think Mariah Carey is hot" -- you might as well just say that women shouldn't have the right to vote. She's the best. I will defend her lunatic sexiness to the death. By the way, do you think she looks at Whitney Houston now the same way Tom Hanks looks at Michael Keaton, like Whitney may have won the first few battles, but Mariah won the war? Me, too.)

Thursday, July 7, 2005

this bears repeating

Aloha Airlines customer service is non-existant. Never fly them.

On a more positive note, my wife recently received a $50 gift certificate from
United after filling out a complaint card on our return from Hawaii. It shows
that whining really does pay.

an interesting question for you game theorists out there

For all you game theorists out there.

Here is a simple game with two players, A and B. A is given $1000 and is able
to split it between he and B any way he chooses. B has the option to accept or
reject the offer. If he accepts the offer, the money is divided according to
A's split. If B rejects the offer, both players get nothing.

At face value, this game isn't interesting if played one time. B should always
accept. However, if this game is played 1000 times. it gets more interesting.
What is A's optimal offer strategy? What is B's optimal strategy