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Thursday, September 1, 2005

picks of the weak

college football picks are back and back with a vengence.  Here are the first entry for this year.
2 units-- Duke (-2) vs. ECU
1 unit-- Rutgers(+1.5) vs. Illinois
1 unit-- Va. Tech (-5.5) vs. NC State
1 unit-- Uconn (-18) vs. Buffalo.
Some thoughts.  I hate being a homer, but Duke should win by 20 at least.  they finally have an experienced QB and stayed healthy in the off-season. With their good recruiting over the past two years, this is just a speed mismatch.
I like The Rut for the same reasons.  Zook will improve Illinois, but they just don't have anywhere near the team speed needed to compete on this level.
For Va Tech, I know alot of people think they are overrated  and I am even one of them.  But State just cant matchup.  Tech forces so many turnovers that they should win by at least 2 tuddies.
Finally, Uconn.  This is based on history.   Buffalo just never covers when a midlevel dog.