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Monday, October 23, 2006

bye bye bunting...

but john we only knew you so long.

Here is the kicker-- apparently, a key alumnus, the parent of a walk-on
has agreed to personally buyout his contract. ohh, the things we do for

Sunday, October 15, 2006

larry johnson is my hero

best NFL play in a long time, tackling troy paulomalo from Pittsburgh by his hair. Serves him right for wearing that mane and looking like a girl.

No idea why they called a penalty on him. Apparently, hair pulling is now an NFL penalty. At the very least, they should give this penality its own signal.

i'll try to find a YouTube link...

so much for duke basketball

according to reliable source, Greg Paulus broke his foot and is out 6 weeks to 2 months. Without another natural point guard on the team, this leave Duke is a horrible situation. True freshman shooting guard Jon Scheyer and experienced Demarcus Nelson are the only reason options

Thursday, October 12, 2006

tasteless joke of the day.

in new york sports action yesterday, the score is now
Airplanes 2,  Buildings 1

Saturday, October 7, 2006

high comedy

there is nothing funnier than having a having a overly horny oversexed dog of a man be unable to get it up when dating an undersexed chunky, annoying stalker of a women.

Remember that friend of my wife's, Sara, who decided to stalk her. Well, we heard it through the grapevine that the self-inflicted drama queen decided to get inebriated at a local watering hole. There she meets Cheryl's friend Don Z, who never saw a piece of tail that he didn't like.

Before I go any further, I need to give some more background on both of the characters. Sara is an unemployed 40 year old, yet shops at forever 21. She hasn't had a date for a while. You see, she is slightly overweight, much older than the men she tries to pick up and not at all slutty. (The worst possible trifecta for a woman past her prime.) Don lives in Milwaukee where apparently there is no nightlife, so he comes to town to stay with friends almost ever weekend and chase the chicago tail. He talks a great game, but hasn't been taught the art of subtlety.

So, these two characters met up and drink enough to slow Sara's inhibitions and make it bad to her place. Meanwhile, Sara disrobes but Don is unable to release his snake.

Now that is some irony O. Henry would be proud of.

online poker

haven't written for a while.  been real busy.  out recruiting and then visiting my parents and dreaming of ways to run Ted Roof off the duke campus.  but as I am sure you know, they attached an online poker bill onto a Port Security bill last week.  As a result, online poker is now illegal.
What will the effects of this be?  no one really knows.  Pokerstars and Party Poker have claimed they will shut down their operations to US business soon.  Not sure I understand why.  It's not like online poker was particularly legal in the first place.  Furthermore, the impetus is on the banks to stop this.  most online sportsbook will continue business as usual.  Personally, i think everyone is overreacting a bit.  Maybe the existing financial services companies which do these transactions will change or morphy into something else.
my bet... party and stars will be back within 6 months.