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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

some random thoughts

  • watching a 1977 george carlin concert.  it was an HBO special.  Didn't know HBO was that old.   a very good wikipedia article on this, apparently HBO was founded by Charles Dolan in 1972.
  • things cook really really fast when you cook them at 700 degrees.
  • my last golf shot today on the braemar par 3 course was the best 6 iron I ever hit in my life, about 10 yards over the 9th green.   wish every golf shot felt that good.
  • my new favorite quote -- "You got what you brought"
  • people share why too much information in their facebook status.  XXX is recovering from a bad day.  who on earth are you that you are asking all of your friends and acquaintances for some pity.   who does that?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

graham elliot is still my hero

wifey and i ate at Graham Elliot this weekend.  a few thoughts.
- Service was outstanding and without pretense.  The crowd was very different than Avenues, much younger and more familes as well which we really enjoyed.
- Loved the decor as well;  nice open space with well spaced tables
On to the food.  Overall, everything was at least good and the small dishes in general were a bit better than the large ones.  When we go back,
The Standouts--
- Gnocchi-- best I have ever had (and I order it alot);  pearl onions and cheese helped make the dish with perfectly cooked potatoes.
- Rissotto-- best in class as well;   rice cooked perfectly and the bacon gives good flavor without overpowering the dish
Very, Very Good:
- Buffalo chicken with beer foam:  great inventive twist on wings.  Chicken perfectly done in the middle with a spicy sauce that doesn't overpower.  The blue cheese with celery pieces was a good touch.
- Mahi Mahi:  very good as well with pineapple salsa and bok choy cooked perfectly.  Presentation on this and all of the other main dishes needed some work IMHO.  Everything stacked together isn't a good approach when you have such good distinct flavors.
- Pork chop:  As mentioned before; huge portion with very good flavor.
- the truffle popcorn:  GE could make a fortune by bagging and selling this.  truly addicting.  we probably filled up a bit too much on this

Needs a Little Tweaking
- The Caesar Salad.  The brioche got changed up a bit on this version of Avenues BLT dish. GE, please bring the old dish back
you'd be shocked at the kind of workout you can get form WiiFit.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

obama clinches nomination... four more years of a republican president.  well kinda a republican.  John McCain