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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dutch Boyd

In case you haven't been there, Dutch Boyd has a great blog and website.

I know he is much maligned in RGP and other poker web forums for some difficulties that occurs several years ago with an online poker site that went under. He may be guilt of alot of things-- the biggest probably being naivete but fraud is not one of them. I met him in vegas earlier this year and he is a cl assy, funny, self-deprecating and incredibly intelligent guy.

I am confident that any future business endeavor he chooses to pursue will be successful and i would love the opportunity to do so someday.


Maybe it is a woman thing. But my mother and my fiance cannot stop giving each other gifts. Cheryl came to visit over Thanksgiving and brought three gifts. I guess as a housewarming gift it is OK to bring something, but three gifts. And today i find out that my Mom sent Cheryl something from LL Bean.

Why? maybe because she was embarassed that Cheryl brought three things for her with nothing in return. Maybe she is afraid Cheryl will change her mind. Who knows? But i think this is a never-ending cycle of giving.

I am a nice guy. Or at least I am told that i have been nice at times. But i have felt the need to overgift. A bottle of wine to a party, yes. A gift to the host if i am the overnight guest maybe. but never anything this bad. In fact, the only times i ever tried to overgift was with girls who i liked more than they liked me.

I've never seen guys do this. maybe i haven't been around enough but i think in many ways female gift giving can be territorial. I remember when a female friend of mine passed the Bar exam a few of my friends were discussing where to send the flowers. should we send them to her office? We decided that it would be inappropriate to send a female flowers at the office because of the way it may be perceived. Would she believe that we were trying to stake our claim to her by sending a gift. If we were dating her, it would definitely be wrong.

This gets me to thinking. Maybe giving gifts is more about the giver than the person receiving it. Maybe the social mores are driving this gifting and the givers wants to proof that they are in compliance.

new address

well here i am again.

My old blog let's just say had some issues. I had trouble posting with the interface so i probably let all 3 of my loyal readers down.

Anyway, I am back better than ever. And what a blogging newsday it was. I finally quit my job at Merck today for some personal reason. It was really a long time coming. I don't have anything against Merck or MVD, the Merck Vaccine Division per say. But i think there ar ejust some organizational problems that really won't go away.

Lots has been written about the problems with 30,000 drug reps in this country making calls on 90,000 physicians (some of whom don't even prescribe) each day. It is turning into a battle between the big pharma companies, all looking for that additional share of voice. Or what doctors actually remember. As a result, reps are spending all day waiting in doctor's offices to drop off samples and give their 30 second preprogrammed spiel which is usually ignored. All this really accomplishes is gives physicians too much product and prevents a sale and annoys the physician.

Despite this, the vaccine sales process is even worse. At Merck Vaccine sales reps are responsible for 8 products. However, most physicians have absolutely no say in which product their office will use. Most offices or hospitals are tied to a large contract which dictates which product their office will use. All reps can really do in promote higher utilization is Merck's sole source product. Nice idea, BUT there are STATE LAWS requiring the use of most of these products. So what do the reps really do... i guess now i will never really find out.

Saturday, November 6, 2004

Friday night lights

I loved the book friday night light. i love football. I love movies.

However, i hated Friday night Lights. Maybe it was because i knew the story so well. Or maybe because it ruined the vision i had because of changes to the story for no apparent reason. Here are some of the major historical errors that really bugged me.
  • -Brian Chavez played tight end, not strong safety.-Boobie was hurt in the preseason, not the opening game against Marshall.-Permian lost the game to Marshall in real life-
  • The big game against Carter were the state semifinals, not finals.
  • The score was 14-9, not 34-28. Carter did not physically dominate Permanian as the movie depicted.
  • the game was played in the rain (which personally i think would have made some very good visuals).-
  • There is no evidence that Carter played dirty, though there was a key bad call made by a black official-
  • Chris Comer did not shy away from contact as the movie depicts. He was the powerful straight ahead runner that the coaches liked.

Would it have been difficult to assure some accuracy in the movie. Not really. Did it matter that the big game was the semifinals? No. Kinda frustrating. Actualy, i don't think football should have been the point of the movie, though that probably sold some tickets. more time should have been spent on the backstory of the key players other than billingsley.