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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gone cruising

Won't be much bloggage for another week since I will be on a cruise with Wifey and her parents. Should be a decent time to get to know them better. Since its a confined environment, I will definitely get the chance.

Hopefully, the Diamond Princess will leave and arrive safely.

A new tradition

thanksgiving is quickly becoming my favorite holiday. Plus, I have established a new Thanksgiving tradition.

Got up at 6 this morning and went to Jewel before the crowds overtook them. Then, Wifey and I went to an early movie. Five bucks for a 10:30 show of "Bobby". Pretty good movie about the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Its strength is not so much in that it provided any real insight to the tradition, but that it was a pretty good period piece, putting some real life into complex social issues.

LiLo (Lindsay Lohan) played a small role about a girl who is marrying a guy who was recently drafted so that he wouldn't get sent to Vietnam. Based on this premise, you are less likely to get sent to the front line if you are married. If this is actually true, it wouldn't make much sense to me. Plus, I'd think that I would have seen more of these Vietnam couples since then.

Then, we got home, cooked the Turkey in a box and it was quite tasty. Both the movie and turkey in a box were quite good. Oh yeah, and very little traffic. This might be another new tradition.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

you gotta love wal-mart

you might not agree with Wal-mart position on low prices, low wages, unions or its role in corporate america. who cares? You got to love the way they slap liberal politicians around.

As you know, PS3 is the big thing this Christmas. Former Prez candidate John Edwards wanted to cut in line (which started at 2:30AM) to get his son the latest toy. Wal-Mart in their brilliance decided to slap Edwards for being selfish, yet praise him for choosing to shop at Wal-Mart. This is truly brilliant.

Walmart's response

i want to sell you... myself

Great post by Vixen that needs to be read by anyone applying for anything. Been doing a decent amount of interviewing lately, everyone from high school kids applying to college and MBAs. One thing is is common-- they pretty much all suck. They are passive participants in the process and they make the task as hard as possible.

If there is any chance you may ever interview with me, please read this.

Vixen's job advice

My dilemma

The classic gambler's dilemma today.

In fantasy football, I have a big game against our General Manager Kevin George's team. Though both teams will likely make the playoffs, this is all I will hear about if I lose. For that game, he has Larry Johnson from KC and I have the KC defense.

However, I have a big bet on the over in the KC/Oak game. How do I cheer for this? Is bragging rights more important than $$ or should I just have not made the bet in the first place?

Maybe I should just close my eyes and not watch? Nah!!

nfl picks

Haven't posted any in a while.  so what the hell..
San Diegeo +130 vs. Denver.   The Jay Cutler era is ready to begin.
Green Bay + 5.5 over. New England.  More of a play on a home dog than anything else.  Plus NE is overvalued.
Cleveland +3.5 over Pittsburgh.  See Above.
Oakland/KC over 35.5.  I still like Aaron Brooks.  I think the Oakland defense is overrated and KC just has too many weapons.  I would probably go over 40 in this one.
Washington +3 over Tampa.  Tampa shouldn't be favored over anyone on the road. Period.  I dont care is Washington doesn't have Portis or Brunell.  Neither has really product this year anyway.
Indy PK over Dallas.  My un-sharpest pick ever.  I think peopel try to outhtink themselves on this one.  Indy should win this game more than they don't.  Tony Romo though good is still young and Dallas' defense really can't stop anyone.  If the over didnt move so much this week, i would have liked it too.

Friday, November 17, 2006

say it ain't so, Bo

I remember it like it was yesterday. The headlines of the Detroit News, the day Bo Schembechler resigned as head coach from the U of M. As an 9 or 10 year old growing up in Michigan, you knew who Bo is. You wanted to play for Bo someday. Unless you were one of those who rooted for Michigan State. And I couldn't figure out why anyone would. Who was George Perles and why would you want to play for him? All he was about was run, run, pass, run, run, pass, run, run, pass punt?

He gave us one of the best quotes ever when Bill Frieder left to coach Arizona State at the end of the regular season: "I want a Michigan coach coaching a Michigan team. I don't want an Arizona State coach coaching a Michigan team. I want that to be understood." Bo was badass.

As he became older and the coach emeritus, you saw him less, but that deified him more. Once in Ann arbor I saw him literally stop traffic. I know it wasn't the first time.

Michigan has a football game tomorrow. They should win. I said that all year. But no matter what, that swagger won't go away.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

when you're running good, you're running good

not one losing day in the past week. was about to have a decent loss after getting sucked out on back to back wheels against made 7s on back to back hands in the 30 sixty. Then this happened. note back to back hands. The first is against a maniac so note the rope a dope strategy.

Hand #36803835-4152 at Effingham (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 15/Nov/06 21:21:35

Laptopsmasher is at seat 0 with $2488.
xxomegaredxx is at seat 1 with $1234.
fourdoor is at seat 2 with $970.
YaYaMoto is at seat 3 with $1214.
Monzo is at seat 4 with $2788.75.
roscopeeco is at seat 5 with $1221.
The button is at seat 0.

xxomegaredxx posts the small blind of $5.
fourdoor posts the big blind of $10.

Laptopsmasher: -- --
xxomegaredxx: -- --
fourdoor: -- --
YaYaMoto: Kd Ac
Monzo: -- --
roscopeeco: -- --


YaYaMoto calls. Monzo folds. roscopeeco folds.
Laptopsmasher folds. xxomegaredxx raises to $40.
fourdoor folds. YaYaMoto calls.

Flop (board: 6h Ks 9s):

xxomegaredxx bets $55. YaYaMoto calls.

Turn (board: 6h Ks 9s Kc):

xxomegaredxx bets $150. YaYaMoto calls.

River (board: 6h Ks 9s Kc 4d):

xxomegaredxx bets $285. YaYaMoto calls.


xxomegaredxx shows Ts Th.
xxomegaredxx has Ts Th Ks 9s Kc: two pair, kings and tens.
YaYaMoto shows Kd Ac.
YaYaMoto has Kd Ac Ks 9s Kc: three kings.

Hand #36803835-4152 Summary:

$3 is raked from a pot of $1070.
YaYaMoto wins $1067 with three kings.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i love it when this works

Hand #36804466-445 at Forsythe ($30/$60 Triple Draw 2-7)
Started at 14/Nov/06 22:02:10

LLC22 is at seat 0 with $1657.50.
groth911t is at seat 1 with $810.
meowgary is at seat 2 with $3476.
zhanfox is at seat 3 with $3696.
YaYaMoto is at seat 4 with $2661.
The bigchief is at seat 5 with $3340.
The button is at seat 0.

groth911t posts the small blind of $15.
meowgary posts the big blind of $30.

LLC22: -- -- -- -- --
groth911t: -- -- -- -- --
meowgary: -- -- -- -- --
zhanfox: -- -- -- -- --
YaYaMoto: 2c 5s 2d Kh 4s
The bigchief: -- -- -- -- --

First Round:

zhanfox raises to $60. YaYaMoto re-raises to $90.
The bigchief folds. LLC22 folds. groth911t folds.
meowgary folds. zhanfox re-raises to $120. YaYaMoto

zhanfox takes 1 card. YaYaMoto takes 2 cards.

zhanfox: -- -- -- -- --
YaYaMoto: 5s 2d 4s 3c Jh

Second Round:

zhanfox bets $30. YaYaMoto calls.

zhanfox takes 1 card. YaYaMoto takes 1 card.

zhanfox: -- -- -- -- --
YaYaMoto: 5s 2d 4s 3c Ah

Third Round:

zhanfox bets $60. YaYaMoto raises to $120. zhanfox

zhanfox takes 1 card. YaYaMoto takes 1 card.

zhanfox: -- -- -- -- --
YaYaMoto: 5s 2d 4s 3c Kc

Final Round:

zhanfox bets $60. YaYaMoto raises to $120. zhanfox
folds. YaYaMoto is returned $60 (uncalled).

Hand #36804466-445 Summary:

$3 is raked from a pot of $705.
YaYaMoto wins $702.


thought for the week...


Plus Luke Perry is from Ohio. That gives you even more incentive to root for Michigan. Currently, Michigan is at +230 at Pinnacle. Even more incentive for Maize and Blue if you ask me.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Luke, Part 2-- Can you hear me now?

Perhaps the Viagra endorsement isn't the best choice. Maybe Verizon is a better fit for this overacting wanna-be.

After his encounter with Cousin. He didn't bother to call, write, email text or send smoke signals. Guess we had his 70 seconds of fun with a hot 23-year-old and went on his way.

You know there is a reason he is divorced. That's right Luke I'm calling you out. Can you hear me now?

Luke Perry, Part One-- Will Act for Viagra

As many of your know, Wifey's cousin was dating Luke Perry for a while. I was totally hyped by this for a while, but apparently Dylan isn't a relationship kinda guys.

Cousin met Luke at a Democratic fundraiser and they went on a few dates. Then Luke went away to shoot a made-for-TV movie. Cousin and Luke texted each other for a while and luke talked about how much "he missed her".

Well, Luke came back and quickly got with Cousin. Or should I say came quickly. Very quickly. As cousin said, "He had a big thing, but really didn't know what to do with it or couldn't last that long." That must have been exactly why Brenda cheated on him with Dean Cain in Paris

Since Luke is looking for work these days, a Viagra spokesperson made not be a bad choice. Calling Pfizer.

first poker hand posting in a while.

You'd think that people who played middle limit poker know the basic strategy. I might post a blog sometime later with horrible play at the 10/20 and 30/60 games in UB. the 2-7 play is passable, but the a-5 is a joke. Appareently, very few people understand that hand value change.

In case you don't know, defending your blind with 876 in the game IS A MISTAKE. So is drawing to an 86 after a raise on the 2nd draw.

From a juicy a-5 game on UB. BB plays decently, a bit too tight for a 3-handed game. button is complete fish who will be drawing to 9s after a raised turn.

3-handed A-5 30/60. I am in the small blind with 63A. Folded to me, I raise, BB calls.

I draw 2; BB draws 3. I blank and bet, BB calls.

1st draw, I get nothing and bet/call. I draw 2 again, BB draws 2 as well.

I make a 7653A. I bet, BB raises, I call (mostly due to my read of his tightness). I stand pat. BB draws 1. (which shocked me).

Is this an autobet here?

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Watched a bunch of football today. Several teams that are very young,
had lots of youth on their offensive line and were horrible 2 or 3 years
ago. Note: Duke is NOT one of these teams.

Indiana, Illinois, South Florida are all young teams that were laughable
3 years ago. All 3 of them would pound Duke. Hopefully, someone else
will see this and sack Template Ted.

Go Duke. Beat BC.


Took a poker break and started playing some more today. Restarted my
account on UB and had a decent, yet very volitile afternoon. Played a
bit all of the games, limit HE, NLHE, triple draw. Really only made one
mistake (at least that I realized) where I got a bit aggressive with a
middle pair against likely A-K on an dry board. Check to induce the
bluff idiot.

Also played some 1-2 NL where I tried to play every hand. That is fun.
I used to be a limit machine but I need to play some more NL. I
honestly think the 1-2 NL game might even be a better game than the
30-60 TD (and that's saying something).

Maybe I'll post some hands later.

I have stats now...

another reason for me to get some better content.  Check out the link on the right about my links and see what my rank is. Got the link from Mark Cuban's blog who is #3.   Need to check to see who numbers 1 and 2 are.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

An even better quote from wifey...

"let's get a flat screen TV for our bedroom"


Great quote from my wife:

"The problem with most work environments is that there are too many damn women."

If I said that, I'd be slapped. Gotta love the Wellesley education. And yes, I completely agree.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Navy 38, Duke 13

Usually we you beat yourself this much, you end up chaffing. Someone
please buy Ted Roof some vaseline.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Uh-oh: Butch Davis to UNC

From Carolina Blue: has been told by sources that the two-week search to replace John Bunting has apparently come to a close with the Tar Heels landing one of the most-sought after coaches in the college football circles.

A real blow to Duke-- To think we are this bad in the worst year in ACC history. Hopefully, this will force Duke to take a national recruiting approach.