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Friday, November 17, 2006

say it ain't so, Bo

I remember it like it was yesterday. The headlines of the Detroit News, the day Bo Schembechler resigned as head coach from the U of M. As an 9 or 10 year old growing up in Michigan, you knew who Bo is. You wanted to play for Bo someday. Unless you were one of those who rooted for Michigan State. And I couldn't figure out why anyone would. Who was George Perles and why would you want to play for him? All he was about was run, run, pass, run, run, pass, run, run, pass punt?

He gave us one of the best quotes ever when Bill Frieder left to coach Arizona State at the end of the regular season: "I want a Michigan coach coaching a Michigan team. I don't want an Arizona State coach coaching a Michigan team. I want that to be understood." Bo was badass.

As he became older and the coach emeritus, you saw him less, but that deified him more. Once in Ann arbor I saw him literally stop traffic. I know it wasn't the first time.

Michigan has a football game tomorrow. They should win. I said that all year. But no matter what, that swagger won't go away.

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