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Sunday, November 19, 2006

nfl picks

Haven't posted any in a while.  so what the hell..
San Diegeo +130 vs. Denver.   The Jay Cutler era is ready to begin.
Green Bay + 5.5 over. New England.  More of a play on a home dog than anything else.  Plus NE is overvalued.
Cleveland +3.5 over Pittsburgh.  See Above.
Oakland/KC over 35.5.  I still like Aaron Brooks.  I think the Oakland defense is overrated and KC just has too many weapons.  I would probably go over 40 in this one.
Washington +3 over Tampa.  Tampa shouldn't be favored over anyone on the road. Period.  I dont care is Washington doesn't have Portis or Brunell.  Neither has really product this year anyway.
Indy PK over Dallas.  My un-sharpest pick ever.  I think peopel try to outhtink themselves on this one.  Indy should win this game more than they don't.  Tony Romo though good is still young and Dallas' defense really can't stop anyone.  If the over didnt move so much this week, i would have liked it too.

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