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Monday, May 28, 2007

the price is wrong, bitch

haven't watched the show since the summer of 1986. (when it was
followed by Press Your Luck). These people are complete lunatics.
not sure if it is overacting or they just recruit complete lunatics.
I swear WWE is more realistics.

For instance, a 40 year-old single blonde who appently forgot her
lexapro that morning gets called to contestant's row wearing an 8
size too big green shirt with the word Plinko all over it. (quite
impressive since blondie was almost pushing 2 bills). Anyway, she
wins and what game do you they? You got it-- Plinko!!

I really wanted to know who watches this. (On a related note, there
was a wishbone salad spritzers commercial after the first pos..
gotta love Da U.).

Saturday, May 26, 2007

will the country be behind Duke?

In the heart of Maryland country, is there a chance this could be a
home game for Duke Lacrosse? I can never remember a past Duke
athletic event where most of the country was rooting for them to win.
(at least since the 1991 UNLV/Duke National FInal). Even Tony and
Wilbon on PTI wanted to see Duke win it all. If Johns Hopkins
wasn't just down the street, then i would be almost certain that it
would be a Duke crowd.

Stranglely, most people actually know more about David Evans than
they do about JJ Redick.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

watch me... i'm trendy now.. and a great marketing idea

I am now officially the most fashion forward member of my family, passing wifey this weekend.  The reason-- our latest purchase, a pair of Nudie jeans.
Never heard of them before?  Me neither.  There are jeans made with unwashed denim.  When you try them on, they are stiff and rigid.  As you wear then over time, they wear out to your body.   Apparently, they are the rage in Europe.  So I will be wearing these jeans for the next few months at home, before they will be ready to leave the house with me.
From a marketing perspective, this is truly brilliant.  They are taking costs out of a product, but charging consumers a premium.  Kinda reminds you of deodorants, doesn't it?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The bestest boyfriend in the world!!!

Gotta check out the latest US magazine. A great story on Spencer and Heidi promoted on the front cover with the quote "The Best Boyfriend in the world". Upon reading the article, you see that the quote was accurate from the article, but Spencer was the one giving it as in "Heidi has the Best boyfriend in the world."

Other juicy tidbits from the article include Heidi not calling LC after the sex tape story leaked because she was recovering from a boob job.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

my new favorite pastime

and america's pasttime as well. Computer Simulated fantasy baseball league. Here you are the manager and general manager for a mythical baseball team. They play 8 games per day so the seasons run fast and you can really build a dynasty over time.

if i was 10 years old and the internet existed back then, I would have spent 20 hours a day on the computer