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Monday, September 17, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I think ryan mallett has girl calves. Not sure how you can be a
division I athlete with those legs. hopefully a picture will be
coming soon.

Friday, September 14, 2007

great article for any high school sports fan

Pretty much the same premise that i wrote about in my Philosophy of
Sports class. I wonder if that lunatic self-righteous professor
Ben Ward would receive this article any better....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

game over

well i couldn't keep the game blog up... far too frustrating. when
you are ready to give up, Duke will give you a glimmer of hope. All
in all, it was one of the worst played BCS conference game I can ever
remember. I doubt either team wins another ACC game this year.

in other news, watching Michigan get killed by Oregon, which brings
me to a question of trendy vocabularly. Is Michigan getting pwned or
getting punked? I'd love to hear some answers on this..

from ted roof's halftime interview

we need to get better in every phase of the game.

maybe he finally gets it

force turnover, drive bacll inside 10, miss FG. ah Duke football.
I feel sorry for Joe Surgan, its not his fault the coaching staff
puts him in the game.
our fundamentals are horrible. we don't stay low, we don't play
with leverage, we don't wrap guys up. These are mistakes good high
school teams don't make.
missed FG by Duke... UVA isn;t that good either. Its almost about
who will implode more
SAFETY 14-2.

just when you want to give up, they reel you back in

get a first down on a fake punt-- ted is desperate, that can be a
good thing. 6 passes so far; none more than 4 yards down field.
TD UVA 14-0. nothing special, they just walk the ball down the field.
another 3 and out ended by a drop..keeping a positive atitude is tough.
TV UVA. their TE runs over 3 of our guys
short punt returned 66 yards to the Duke 2. This blog might be
pretty short.
first play-- audibile into a FB lead for a 3-yard loss. nice way to

they don't even mentioned that Chris Long is Howie Long's son. I
think the production meeting for this game lasted about 5 minutes.

mike hogewood back on the sidelines. with coverage this bad, you
would think they would give some good young guy a chance. Or at
least a hot young southern belle. In the Duke preview, they don't
even mentioned that Duke is allowing Mike Tauilili to play even
though he fled a DWI and pulled a gun.

May guess is that it isn't intentional, it just piss poor reporting.

keys to the game

For Duke: Beat UVA, not themselves.

Quite insightful for a team that has lost 23 straight.

real time blog of Duke vs. UVA game

let's see how this goes and how long i can prevent getting hostile.

Opening shows Chris Dougherty which my wife told me just goes by his
last name. Just they wanted to save Doc Walker a few minutes of
time for his intro. Probably a good move.

Monday, September 3, 2007

another episode in poor customer service.

wanted to share this with you guys and get some opinions on what I should do next. Clearly, many golf courses forget that they are in the service industry.

Around 6 tonight, I go to my local muni (Winnetka Golf Club) to get a quick nine holes in. First, I go to the pro shop to hit a bucket of balls, I go to the counter and a new employee at first undercharges me. I correct him and pay him the full amount instead. He doesn't believe me until I throw the point to the rate sheet above the cash register.

After I hit a bucket, I go back in and pay for a greens fee. I go up to the register and talk to an assistant pro who is clearly on a personal phone call. I handed him $20 (the twilight greens fee). I ask if I need a receipt and he tells me just to go to the first tee.

At the first tee, as I am approached by a ranger asking me for a receipt. (in the middle of my backswing, noless). I tell him that Jeff, the assistant pro, told me just to tee off. He tells me that I need to go back to the pro shop and get a receipt. I told him no and he can radio into the pro shop if he doesn't believe me. Remember that there is only about an hour of daylight left so I have no interest in wasting any more time.

The assistant pro storms out in a huff to talk to the ranger. I ask them what the problem here is. He tells me "Stop being such a f***ing a*******. If you don't like the way we do things here, play some other F***ing course. The ranger is just trying to do his f*****g job here."

I respond that I paid for greens fee and don't like being this way. Jeff responds "Well, I don't having to be nice to f***ing a*******. As he walks away, I nail a three wood 275 right down the middle.

My questions-- what do I do now? The way I see it I have a few options

1) Never go back to Winnetka Golf Course again.
2) Ignore it and go back as normal like nothing happened.
3) Call the head pro tomorrow morning and tell him my story. (Not sure exactly what he would do about the problem though).
4) Go back and confront Jeff about his behavior.

Also keep in mind while there are other cheap munis in the area, this one has the best twilight rates and is usually deserted after 6pm, which I like since i can often play multiple balls and really work on my game. I would prefer to be able to go back, but don't want to go somewhere which doesn't treat its customers well.