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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

watch me... i'm trendy now.. and a great marketing idea

I am now officially the most fashion forward member of my family, passing wifey this weekend.  The reason-- our latest purchase, a pair of Nudie jeans.
Never heard of them before?  Me neither.  There are jeans made with unwashed denim.  When you try them on, they are stiff and rigid.  As you wear then over time, they wear out to your body.   Apparently, they are the rage in Europe.  So I will be wearing these jeans for the next few months at home, before they will be ready to leave the house with me.
From a marketing perspective, this is truly brilliant.  They are taking costs out of a product, but charging consumers a premium.  Kinda reminds you of deodorants, doesn't it?

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