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Sunday, November 12, 2006

first poker hand posting in a while.

You'd think that people who played middle limit poker know the basic strategy. I might post a blog sometime later with horrible play at the 10/20 and 30/60 games in UB. the 2-7 play is passable, but the a-5 is a joke. Appareently, very few people understand that hand value change.

In case you don't know, defending your blind with 876 in the game IS A MISTAKE. So is drawing to an 86 after a raise on the 2nd draw.

From a juicy a-5 game on UB. BB plays decently, a bit too tight for a 3-handed game. button is complete fish who will be drawing to 9s after a raised turn.

3-handed A-5 30/60. I am in the small blind with 63A. Folded to me, I raise, BB calls.

I draw 2; BB draws 3. I blank and bet, BB calls.

1st draw, I get nothing and bet/call. I draw 2 again, BB draws 2 as well.

I make a 7653A. I bet, BB raises, I call (mostly due to my read of his tightness). I stand pat. BB draws 1. (which shocked me).

Is this an autobet here?

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