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Saturday, November 6, 2004

Friday night lights

I loved the book friday night light. i love football. I love movies.

However, i hated Friday night Lights. Maybe it was because i knew the story so well. Or maybe because it ruined the vision i had because of changes to the story for no apparent reason. Here are some of the major historical errors that really bugged me.
  • -Brian Chavez played tight end, not strong safety.-Boobie was hurt in the preseason, not the opening game against Marshall.-Permian lost the game to Marshall in real life-
  • The big game against Carter were the state semifinals, not finals.
  • The score was 14-9, not 34-28. Carter did not physically dominate Permanian as the movie depicted.
  • the game was played in the rain (which personally i think would have made some very good visuals).-
  • There is no evidence that Carter played dirty, though there was a key bad call made by a black official-
  • Chris Comer did not shy away from contact as the movie depicts. He was the powerful straight ahead runner that the coaches liked.

Would it have been difficult to assure some accuracy in the movie. Not really. Did it matter that the big game was the semifinals? No. Kinda frustrating. Actualy, i don't think football should have been the point of the movie, though that probably sold some tickets. more time should have been spent on the backstory of the key players other than billingsley.


Anonymous said...

Was this supposed to be a true story or a movie based on the book?

Nice Blog....This is JohnnyG

Mark said...

supposed to be a combination of the two. I have no problem if you omit some facts to make a better movie. But to change key facts for no apparent reason I think is silly. It seems to me that it wouldn't have make a big difference for these changes to be made-- really just sloppines by the producers