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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

graham elliot is still my hero

wifey and i ate at Graham Elliot this weekend.  a few thoughts.
- Service was outstanding and without pretense.  The crowd was very different than Avenues, much younger and more familes as well which we really enjoyed.
- Loved the decor as well;  nice open space with well spaced tables
On to the food.  Overall, everything was at least good and the small dishes in general were a bit better than the large ones.  When we go back,
The Standouts--
- Gnocchi-- best I have ever had (and I order it alot);  pearl onions and cheese helped make the dish with perfectly cooked potatoes.
- Rissotto-- best in class as well;   rice cooked perfectly and the bacon gives good flavor without overpowering the dish
Very, Very Good:
- Buffalo chicken with beer foam:  great inventive twist on wings.  Chicken perfectly done in the middle with a spicy sauce that doesn't overpower.  The blue cheese with celery pieces was a good touch.
- Mahi Mahi:  very good as well with pineapple salsa and bok choy cooked perfectly.  Presentation on this and all of the other main dishes needed some work IMHO.  Everything stacked together isn't a good approach when you have such good distinct flavors.
- Pork chop:  As mentioned before; huge portion with very good flavor.
- the truffle popcorn:  GE could make a fortune by bagging and selling this.  truly addicting.  we probably filled up a bit too much on this

Needs a Little Tweaking
- The Caesar Salad.  The brioche got changed up a bit on this version of Avenues BLT dish. GE, please bring the old dish back

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