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Saturday, October 7, 2006

online poker

haven't written for a while.  been real busy.  out recruiting and then visiting my parents and dreaming of ways to run Ted Roof off the duke campus.  but as I am sure you know, they attached an online poker bill onto a Port Security bill last week.  As a result, online poker is now illegal.
What will the effects of this be?  no one really knows.  Pokerstars and Party Poker have claimed they will shut down their operations to US business soon.  Not sure I understand why.  It's not like online poker was particularly legal in the first place.  Furthermore, the impetus is on the banks to stop this.  most online sportsbook will continue business as usual.  Personally, i think everyone is overreacting a bit.  Maybe the existing financial services companies which do these transactions will change or morphy into something else.
my bet... party and stars will be back within 6 months.

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