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Sunday, July 16, 2006

things that annoy me.

My wife's blog last week had 100 things that she liked.  Since i am more mean spirited, here is my response-- things that annoy me.
1. Steven A. Smith
2. Tip jars at Starbucks
3. press coverage of Barbaro's fight for life.
4. credit card company telemarketers
5. friends of my wife who are too needy
6. people living in America who make no effort to speak English.
7. Commericials before trailers before movies.
8. the smell of movie theatre popcorn.
9. Zinadine Zadine
10. Carnie Wilson
11. Kelly Ripa
12. Waiters who don't deliver food to the table
13. Poorly designed hotel swimming pools with 1/3 of the adequate number of chairs
14. beginning golfers who take 5 practice swings.
15. well-dressed beggers.

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