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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Jim Harbaugh... classless

Kind of ironic it happens during Superbowl week. But the former Bears and Colts QB has realy made his mark as Stanford's new head football coach. Already with a good recruiting class in tow, Stanford rescinded an offer to Eddie Morgan, a fast Texas DB. Not that much interesting there, though academic schools tend not to yank schollies the way teams Mack Brown coaches do.

However, when terminating the scholarship, their method is a bit unusually. THEY DID IT VIA EMAIL. Yes, the same way Harriet dumped Matt Albie on Studio 60. Via Email. I know Palo Alto is in the middle of Silicon Valley, but a little class here would have gone a long way. I hope any football player thinking of going to Leland Stanford Junior College thinks about this.

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