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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

here's the secret... P&G are liars.

maybe you've seen the latest ads for Old Spice or Secret Deodorants.   Money-back guarantee.    One would think that if use the product and it doesn't work, P&G (the owner of the two brands) would do the right thing and refund your money.   WRONG!!
I recently called their Refund line (1-866-311-0795) to call and ask for a refund after my mother had green marks left on her underarm after using the product for the first.   But no, they want the original receipts, the UPC from the original document and enough information to fill a wikipedia site.   Who is actually going to have this information?  Only someone trying to get something for free.  Users of the product who are NOT trying to take advantage of the company, will get nothing back except a bad taste in their money to P&G.
Here's hoping all of the Secret complainers switch to Dove after they can't get their money back.    And stop using Tide too.

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