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Thursday, October 7, 2004

Reality, Poker and Ted Lawson

I think i am starting to finally get reality television. I used to think that the purpose behind reality tv was to showcase people who would never be on television otherwise and try to capture the subtle nuances of everyday life in almost a seinfeld kinda way.

Now, I am starting to see that reality tv is an aspirational medium. Viewers do not want Real reality. But rather, they want all of their wildest fantasies to be fulfilled through the "real" characters. And since these characters are not actors (at least until the series is over), they now become the viewers. People at home want to have a maxxed out pad in Hawaii and party every night and jump naked into the pool when they first meet their roommates.

I think this also explains why reality stars stink as actor. Other than most of them have no discernible talent other than look, viewer no longer think that they can be these people. As reality stars get more popular, they become less real in the view of their fans. if you don't believe me watch road rules Kit on Cold Pizza.This that could me me phenomena also explains the runaway success of poker. Laypeople at home think that if they get lucky, they could stare down Phil Hellmuth or the Devilfish if given the opportunity. T

hese tournaments also inevitably have an underdog or two at the final table. (not surprising since in most 10k+ buyin events, 75% of the field is someone you never heard of.) Poker is successful because of the entire that could be phenomena. Surprisingly, in ESPN's WSOP coverage the final tournament of champions got disappointed rating, even though it had tremendous values and was rather entertaining. Poker diehards like myself watched, but Joe Bob Buchanan in Mizzoula, MT probably wasn't interested. Poker telecasts are never about who wins, but the stories behind the players. Why do you think ESPN had that goddamned "The NUTS" segment.

WSOP of poker's popularity is because of the Ted Lawsons and Gerry Drehobels, not the Doyle Brunsons and Chip Reeses. If you watched the BAY101 event from this year, people were cheering against Chris Moneymaker, the people's champ of the year ago. I guess the same guy winning several times just isn't good TV. one last thought... though it was implied in this rant but not blatently stated let me clear my conscience.

I, Mark Johnson, believe Ted Lawson is the worst player ever to win a WSOP bracelet. thank you, i feel much better now

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