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Sunday, October 3, 2004

Some Sunday sports thoughts

  • I am as big a NASCAR fan as the next guy. In fact, probably significantly more so than the average person. BUT i just don't get restrictor plate racing. Basically, as long as you keep you car on the track you will be on the lead lap at the end and have a chance to win. So all the first 160 laps is about is trying to avoid a wreck.
  • David Akers is not on my Christmas card list. Today, Philadelphia did everything they could not to cover the spread and i ended up with a push (and was lucky) Akers missed 2 short FGs in garbage time and the Eagles let the Bears drive the field in Garbage time.
  • Emmitt Smith is too legit to quit. 100 yards rushing and a TD pass against the Saints.
  • Quick-- Other than David Carr, name 4 players on the Houston Texans.
  • Around 1:30 today, footbal, golf, NASCAR and baseball was on television, yet somehow I felt compelled to watch scrabble. They even had odds to win the game based on certain moves.
  • I would pay $25 to watch Phil Helmuth play Mike Matasow headsup in Scrabble.
  • My fantasy football QB situation is getting downright ugly. On a team with Michael Vick and Aaron Brooks, I have yet to figure out who to play. I dont even know if i made the right play today since they are both having mediocre at best days.
  • Quenten Griffin is prove that not everyone can pile up huge rushing numbers behind Denver's D-line.

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