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Sunday, June 26, 2005

aloha airlines

I don't think i can say this enough.  Never ever fly aloha airlines.  Never.  Period.  No questions.
Normally, having watched the show Airline, I am against flying cheaper airlines.  I understand that you pay for certain things with a major carrier but there are some standards which are carriers must follow.
I won't even mention the smallest seats I have ever seen or the broken down plane or the cattle-herding boarding process.
However, I take serious issue with the luggage policy (or lack thereof).  When we arrived at the Honolulu airport, both Cheryl and I needed to check a bag each.  We put them next to each other as they scanned them for security.  However, when we get to Maui, only Cheryl's bag is there.
Then I make a big mistake.  I ask customer service about this.  Apparently the policy is, "wait a few flights" and see if they show up.   Since I checked my bag, I have a tracking number and bar code.  However, the surly agent explaned, "We don't scan bags".  So in other words, the is no point in having a tracking number, or anyone in the airport has more information on my bad than you do.  In an effort to curb the costs of air travel, I recommend the customer service agent's job as the first to go.   Additionally , with this gent's attitude, though polynesian, he probably didnt get the memo about Aloha attittude from the Hawaii department of tourism.

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