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Sunday, June 26, 2005

back from hawaii...

and i hope it cured my blogstipation.  had a very relaxing time.  However, maybe it is just my corporate mindset but i feel guilty whenever I am away on vacation and not doing something.  thinking about the value of time being wasted.  oh well.  
Hawaii was quite nice, however, quite crowded at the same time.  When you go to Oahu to relax, you shouldn't have to plan your schedule around Honolulu traffic, yet it is an absolute necessity. 
Had alot of great meals in Hawaii, though even i got sick of fish by the end of it.  If I see macadamian nut crusted ahi tuna one more time on a menu, it will be too soon.
Aloha Airlines... this deserves a separate blog.  Needless to say, never fly them.
Customer Service... still lacking.  maybe this is a trend, maybe not.  I used to think that tourist heavy cities would have better customer service since there is more focus on it as a career.  In Honlulu, whenever we ate at a five-star place, the service was quite good, everywhere else it was quite bad.  Now living in this country nowdays, I have gotten to get used to it.  But what really distrurbed me is that th ebad service wasn't being given by a 23-year old snot nosed kid trying to find themselves, but by someone older-- someone I would have to guess was in customer service as a career.  Are standards falling that much, or is it a sign of falling standards.
At Roy's restaurant, one of the best places to eat in Honolulu rated by almost every travel brochure as well as recommendations, had horrible service.  Additionally, it took over an hour for our entrees to be served.  When we inquired why (actually Cheryl inquired as to save the manager's throat), he said "we had a large party ahead of your who backed on the kitchen.  Now, this might be a mildly passable excuse, however, THE RESTAURANT WAS LESS THAN HALF FULL.   God forbid the place is every full.  I think it was Dave Thomas who once said,  "A long line at a restaurant means one of two things-- really good food or really bad service).

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