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Sunday, October 7, 2007

chicago marathon

a few thoughts:
  • one of the best finishes every for both the men and women.  I saw the female finish occurring about 2 minutes before it happens.  Whenever an inexperienced runner starts high-fiving fans, you know bad things are going to happen.  That Romanian women is either going to be a star or will never be heard from again.  Its probably 50/50
  • The guy who won was running in his second marathon and the women who should hIave won was running in her first.   Can you think of any other high-profile sport or competition wear people who are competing for the first time have a legitimate chance to win.  And don't say world series of poker.  Most of the online qualifiers had to win very difficult tournaments in order to qualify.
  • Its quite sad that one of the runner died, however, I think we are lucky only one did.  People die in this every year.   I honestly thought at least 10 people would die today.  Morbid but true.  At least 20,000 runners were smart enough to not start or not try to finish.  Admittedly, I am not a runner, but you must be one crazy motherfucker in order to run marathons.

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