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Thursday, October 25, 2007

duke athletic scheduling

Joe Alleva should be embarassed by the athletic scheduling situation
Saturday night. At 7pm, during the nationally televised Duke-
Florida State football game, the Blue-White scrimmage will be taking
place. Without a doubt, more students will watch an EXHIBITION game
than our football team play a game against the most beatable Florida
State team in years.

The athletic department has paid alot of lip service to the important
of rebuilding our football, including the first-ever football summitt
last year and significant investment in the Yoh Building and other
facilities. However, until it stops forces its students, alumni and
fans to choose between the two sports, our football team will never
have a chance to build an audience and fill Wallace Wade.

Yes, I know the Blue-White game was scheduled montha in advance
before the final football game time was scheduled. However, things
changed and you need to be able to change with them. At any
university serious about having a winning football team, the
basketball exhibition would be moved.

I wish I was an alumni of one of those schools.

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