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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Peeves and Complains

1) Fox Sports' NASCAR covered. Noone on TV or via the internet can you find our when the race actually starts. It is probably a way to drive rating of the prerace shows, however, it might end up working in reverse with lots of fans missing the starts. I definitely wouldn't want to be an advertiser with a big spend on the first C-Break. For a sport that literally revolves around its fans, I would expect more.

2) Brian Grossman. This guy is the slimiest realtor in Lincoln Park. He sends out obnoxious mailers every week and is our development snoop. He is constantly peering in our townhouse to see how it compares to his listings. If you are thinking of moving to Lincoln Park, DO NOT BUY A HOUSE FROM BRIAN GROSSMAN.

3) Franco Turinelli. The Black Widow has struck again; another one of his associates has quit. I believe this is 7 in 2.5 years. At some point you would think that the William Blair partners would stop giving Franco new associates. He is ruining William Blair's reputation in the finance community

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