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Friday, March 30, 2007

Radio Daze

something happened on the way from the suburbs. Wifey and I were driving back from Niche in Geneva last Saturday and she asked that we listen to FM radio. After learning that my car had FM radio, she switched the channel to Q101.

Q101 is an alternative radio station that is pretty popular. (At the very least, its well-advertised). Anyway, within 5 minutes, the following commercials players

-An Ad for a downtown strip club
-An Ad for a strip club in Cicero
-An Ad for Jimmy John's
-An Ad for a strip club in Indiana
-Two Ads for a low-cost car insurance
-An Ad for New England Teddy Bears
-Another Ad for Jimmy John's

Now, I must ask... who the hell is listening to radio at 9PM on a saturday night? A bunch of reckless, horny, hunger young men who like sandwiches, girls and occasional send teddy bears to strippers the next day?

Someone really needs to explain this to me.

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