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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hilary :(

The same week that G-Dub was inaugurations, the Hilary campaign planted
another flag in the ground in its effort to return the Clinton surname to
the White House. In this case, yesterday, Hilary made speech with a good
of religious leaders to talk about the important of faith-based education.
This from a card-carrying member of the ACLU. While I applaud the
sentiment, this is a 180 degree change from the positions Hilary has taken
since entering public. I've figured her election plan out.

step 1) Outfundraise all democratic contenders so that there is no
credible opposition in the primary
step 2) Move so far to the center that there is no difference in a
majority of her issues between her and a male moderate republican. That
leaves only one issue left-- she's a woman. If women's voting turnout
increases, then she thinks she can take the White House.


Kate said...

My boyfriend and his best friend have taken bets on whether a black guy or a woman (any colour) make president first ... what's your take on that?

Anonymous said...

Don't wait for responses from him he is pretty lazy about responding.