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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Let's take Thursday off

Monday was a much needed day off. Even two weeks into a new job, a day off is much appreciated. Even if I just sat at home and did nothing. However, I am a bit perturbed that I along with the rest of working Americans need to go into work Thursday.

Why is it that we get Martin Luther King Jr's birthday off but not a day for a Presidential inauguration. I don't want to take anything away from Dr. King. He is a true hero to all Americans because of the way he refused to cave to racism, bigotry and fear. Moreover, his birthday allows for a coming together for the black community.

However, I believe the Presidential inauguration should be a time for the entire country to come together. It is a day where we as a country can reflect on where we have been and where we are going as a country. In fact, in a very nonscientific poll among friends of other cultures, we are the only country which does not give a day off for the swearing in of our leader.


Kate said...

Mark, I am so with you on that one. Our equivalent of the presidential inauguration is so insignificant that we don't even have a name for it, let alone a special Day Off Work. Damn! That ain't cool!

Oh and loved the new words BTW :D

Anonymous said...

How many countries waste 40 million dollars for a "swearing in"?

Kitten said...

I SHOULD be a national holiday. It would only be once every 4 years for Gods sakes!!

The "country " is not spending 40 mil...the inauguration is funded by private donations. While I agree the money would be better spent elsewhere...people are free to choose where and when to spend there bucks.

Anonymous said...

The people of the country are the country. I didn't say the governemnt was spending 40 mil. Of course people can spend their money as they wish. It doesn't mean it isn't a huge waste. Ask the kids who've had legs blown off or the wives of those killed in Iraq whether that dough could be put to better use.

Stef said...

Looking from outside of the USA I'd suggest that roughly half the people who voted in your Presidential election aren't too happy at the outcome and probably wouldn't want to mark the occasion with a holiday.

And didn't we see people booing Kerry at the inauguration? And why didn't Bush make any reference to Kerry and his campaign in his speach? How does that square with the ideal of a country coming together?

Recognising the impact of MLK is a lot less contentious. Again, looking from outside the USA, MLK was a very special person, warts and all, and arguably a greater role model than any recent president. We really could do with some people of his stature in the World today