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Monday, January 17, 2005

my strange addiction

its not what you think. well, granted i probably have too man y
vices in my life. I have a new one. I have spent at least 8 hours
this weekend on my laptop pursuing it. I believe that it will bring me
and my family significant incremental money over the next few years.
Even if it doesn't, I have having an enjoyable time doing it.


its financial planning. Microsoft Money is my new addiction. I can
manage my money to the penny acroos categories. I can track
investment and spending. I can decide when my children will be born,
what their names are, and when they go to college. In fact, I can
tell you that little Pixley will be born in June of 2008. Enter
college in August of 2026 for $35,000 a year in inflation adjusted
money and be married in 2034.

Maybe it is my personality and my tendancy to try to find order in
everyday life. Either that, or the pie charts are just really cool.

note: I am not affilated with Microsoft in any way shape or form

note 2: I hereby announce my intention to enter the NFL draft.

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