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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Put all your money on the Pats

because I like the Steelers. the first game showed me how big home field advantege is and I like the Steelers.

btw, why on earth is a gawky 10 year old with marginal talent singing the national anthem for the NFC championship game. i blame everyone-- the team, the parents, television. This kid's voice cracked at least twice. I almost thought it was an American Idol outtake for a second. (which you cant go 2 minutes even within the game without seeing.)


grant said...

Hi, not sure if you meant back the pats or the steelers.
Hope you backed the pats. Got your blog from a link from kate(I suppose you know of her).
I work for Stan James bookmakers in England. If you are any good and you know your stuff, don't be afraid to share your info. We bet on all american sport, well most. We're also open 24/7 so there should be no problem in putting your money where your mouth is. I only bet on football coz it's the only sport I know that I won't lose on. Good luck for the superbowl.

Mark said...

actually, my sports bettting is more recreation and poker is my
serious gambling venue. And even within sports betting, I do much
better within college football than the pros (usually games between
smaller teams that the bookmarkers don't focus on as much.

As for the superbowl, i think the line out there is pretty good,
however, i think the total is a bit low. I think it should be a
rather high scoring game.

Ummy said...

We shall see, the super bowl almost always disappoints. Stupid Patriots!

Anonymous said...

As usual you couldn't have been more wrong. Pats and the UNDER! Thanks for the pick.

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