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Saturday, June 10, 2006

karma's a bitch

sitting on the couch yesterday, the phone rang for the my wife. It was someone in HR from Deloitte, the company Cheryl just left. They asked her questions like "why did you leave" and "would you ever work here again?" (because the people suck and No were the respectve answers.

In related news, a partner was recently fired for the turnover in Deloitte. Apparently, the last 25 people who left (all int he past 2 years from a 35 person group) named him as a reason. Gee, I wonder why the first 24 to leave wasn't a good sign.

In other news, Franco Turrinelli from William Blair has had yet another analyst quit on him. I wonder if he will need to go through 20 more before William Blair fires him or maybe they will be a bit more pro-active. Hopefully, they realize that having a senior analyst insult and demean his staff on a daily basis is not good for business.