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Sunday, June 25, 2006

so this is what it is like to be cool...

went to a new hot club opening this weekend.  A new "liquor spa" called Stone Lotus opened in River North.  Due to Cheryl's connections at work, we got put on the VIP list.  It was supposed to be the fusion of high-end liquor, 5-star food and the best club music anywhere. Additionally, it was supposed to be populated by hipsters and celebs.
In a word, I was ready to hate.  As a general rule, I dislike any place where you have to wait (or pay) to get in and anyplace that cultivates a reputation for being tough to get into or being an elite place.  (As an aside I have no issues with places which end up being hangouts of people who want to be seen, I just have issues with places that openly cultivate that reputation.   I remember one sorority at Duke (not one of the better ones) which actually played up its snobby image.)
However, I was shocked Saturday night by a couple things-- 1) I actually didn't hate my experience and actually had a fairly good time and 2) anyplace where I am a VIP truly has no VIPs.  The rest of the VIP clientele consisted of either overweight gay men, salty single 35+ women or yuppies from the city trying to act happy that this is the only VIP event that they will ever get into. 
It was a decent place, though it has undoubtedly been overhyped.  Two small floors with bench seating around the perimeter and a few glorified ottomans serving as tables.  There was a waterfall against the wall and some pretty decent foods.
The high point of the experience was probably the waitress service.  The waitress were weating a black pant suit without shirts underneath, definitely showing off the girls.  The breastestss were held in by some sort of plastic apparatus.  Definitely looks uncomfortable but the staff didn't seem to mind.
I think Rodney Dangerfield said it best-- " I would never join any club that would accept me as a member."


nosthegametoo said...

I'm always skeptical of "VIP" events and places. It's so rare that I've been to one that truly measures up to the "very important" part.

Then again, I don't usually like to stay there long. Perhaps I share Groucho Marx's sentiment that i don't want to go to any place that would have me as a memeber.

Anonymous said...

the plastic apparatus you mentioned above are typical female undergarments, called bras. they may have looked plastic-like, but were not the least be uncomfortable.

Mark said...

do you work at stone lotus?