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Friday, June 16, 2006

Tiger Woods... and Ann Coulter

Tiger Woods is going to miss the cut today at the US Open. This was his first tourney since the death of his father. Based on what I saw, he played horribly both days.

However, as an anti-Tiger advocate, I am faced with a tought situation. If I criticize him, albeit deserved, then I am mean-spirited since I am hitting someone when he is down.

This is just like the entire Ann Coulter issue. Very few people dispute whether or not she is right about 9/11 widows. The issue is just something that shouldn't be said, at least publicly. Worse yet, in both cases, you can't retract what you said since it is true.

The hardest lies to take back are those that are true

1 comment:

wom said...

Concerning Tiger (I always ignore Coulter),

It was painful watching him play. Although it wasn't pretty, at least he went out and played. For me, losing a parent or a sibling can be distracting for a long time. I don't blame him for not playing like "Tiger".