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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

olympics and brand management

I just realized that being a mayor of a major city and being a brand manager have alot more in common than I previously believed.  One of my biggest complains of working in the Consumer packaged goods industry is that people in order to advance within an organization need to leave their mark on their department.  Some times this means support an idea which may or may not be the best idea for the organization, simply because it will leave a legacy.
A similar thing is going on with this ridiculous Olympic bid for the city of Chicago.  Richie Daley wants to be remembered as a mayor who brought something material to the city, not the leader of mass corruption-- a World's Columbian Exhibition if you will.  However, the World's Columbian exhibition did not involve building tons of structure which would never be used once the event was over, or create a huge publicly financed deck.  The only conceivable positive of the event is a regional rail system, though I doubt the economics of it would work after the event is over.
my thoughts-- richie clean up the mess and city hall and let another city have the pain of the olympics.

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