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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Heidi-larious: The season premier of The Hills

OMG, like this is a total bummer, dude.
Is MTV now trying to create Heidi into a sympathic characters? She is now getting played instead of doing the playing and making accidently have been pregnant. Maybe they are just trying to delay her inevitable career into the porn industry. And by the way.. That Bolthouse guy looks like the dirtiest pimp I have ever seen. I guarantee there are some "extras" available to the VIP room in his clubs.

And what's up with this doofus that she and Audrina are hanging out with? He must either have a billionaire father or a 12 inch cock because I just don't get. He isn't that attractive and is way too cheesy. These two girls are hotter than most of the girls in "The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency" and they are chilling with an extra from the 2007 version of Mayberry.

At least Kristin Cavellieri knew how to be a good power dater. Matt Leinhart and Nick Lachey. And she wasn't as attractive as these two either.

Now if only Matt L. had given Kristin a pregnancy scare... that would have been some must-see television.

1 comment:

Mrs. J said...

My favorite Janice Dickinson Model is 'Stina. #2 is Fargo. Those ladies are far cuter than Audrina and Heidi.