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Saturday, January 13, 2007

I love revenge

especially for small and pretty stuff.

We sold our condo about a year ago. The new buyer (whose wife was a C*NT at the close has had his cell phone bill forwarded to our address for the past 6 months (no idea why). We called the cell phone provider and they will not allow us to change the address.

So now Wifey has let me get some revenge. I don't want to just cancel his cell phone service because that can be detected and corrected easily. Instead, I want to deluge him with telephone solicitations. Since this is a work phone and he is likely a drug rep, he can't easily change his number.Any ideas on how to quickly sign him up for really ANNOYING and persistant telemarketer?


TenMile said...

Why not just send it back to the post office with the address change as a "no such resident".

After a couple of missed payments the problem should cure itself.

Wifey said...

It's not that simple. We did that, but our reuqests were ignored. Besides, I believe it's automatically paid by the company.