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Sunday, January 21, 2007

what's on my tv

have a few new favorite shows...

these are the type of shows that you feel bad before it ends and are disappointed when a week goes by without a new episode.
Here are my two new favorites:

  • Its always sunny in Philadelphia.-
  • Iconoclasts.

Sunny is like Seinfeld on crack. Probably more like a combo between Seinfeld and Larry David. five self-absorbed people own a bar and always look for the quick score. The writing is incredible and I can't wait until new episodes next season. Its on FX, but you think it should belong on HBO.

Iconoclasts is a simple concepts. Bring two people, each famous for separate unrealted things together and see what happens. I've seen two episodes so fair-- one with David Chappelle and Maya Angelou, the other with Laird Hamilton and Eddie Vedder. I was blown away by each of them.I even started lookin to book a Malibu vacation after watching Laird and Eddie surf the other day.

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