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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I guess Joe really know how to work his Dick

quotes from Dick Brodhead regarding Duke athletics.

Q: How would you evaluate Joe Alleva's leadership of the Department of Athletics?

A: I'm in my third year as president. I met Joe as I met many others before I became president, because I spent six months here in my transition. I really have almost three full years of working with Joe as with everyone else here.

I think it would be fair to say athletics has thrived at Duke in the time that I've been here. Look how many teams have gone so far in postseason championship play. I'm also going to take note of Duke leading the pack in graduation rates of schools with strong sports programs. That's great too because the whole point is we really try to take the student-athlete concept seriously here and not just have students who are great athletes who do not participate in the academic life of the school.

Our one Rhodes scholar this year was a varsity athlete and a captain of a team. That's great. One of the things that's very much to Joe's credit is the evenness of attention that's been given to lots of sports. There are some schools where only a couple sports are taken seriously. I think Joe takes them all seriously, which is a very good thing. To be sure, last spring was a challenging time for him and his department as it was for the rest of the university.

Joe Alleva is the athletic director of this place, and he's our athletic director going forward


I don't even know where to began. Is the worst part of the article...

1) the perception that we needed to invest in all sports evenly?

2) the fact that Dick perceives Joe as doing a good job or

3) the perception that Joe has been responsible for our increase in the Sears Cup rankings? No sport where he has hired the Head coach is in a better position now compared to when he arrived.

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