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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Afternoon thoughts

i'm down but not out. here you go

Bama under 38
Ohio State - 17
Wyoming Pick-em
Michigan State +140
BC - 6.5
WVU - 21.5

Some thoughts.

- Love the SEC under this year, especially a game with young QBs.

- After seeing what OSU did to a young Texas QB, this PSU guy has no chance. I think their team speed should create lots of TOs versus PSU

- My favorite game is Wyoming (though i didnt bet any more). Going into the season, they owuld have been a 10 point favorite and then AF plays Tenn close and everyone goes crazy. This happens alot with option teams. They play well against a non-conference opponent who has never seen the option and expect them to overperform against ateam that is used to it.

-BC - 6.5: I will bet again Chuck the Chest until he proves me wrong. This team will quit on his coach and go into freefall. Not if but when.

-WVU: Love steve slaton. WVU needs to throw some numbers on the board. After what they did to MD, they should pummel EZU

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