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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Duke football...not good-- the Roof is falling in

Duke football lost yesterday.  Again.  To a Division I-AA team. 13-0.  That's right, they didn't score.  And until the last 5 minutes, they weren't particularly close.  It wasn't like Richmond was just opportunistic, they dominated every phase of the game.
As a result, Blue Devil nation is pissed.  Surprisingly, they have enough energy or care enough to be pissed, especially after the administration cancelled Tailgate.  Most people are calling for Ted Roof's head, Joe Alleva's head and even Bill O'Brien (new offensive coordinator)'s head.  Everyone is pissed and looking for answers, but are concerned about starting another cycle of turnover/change and excuses.  the real questions is.. "Why can't Duke identify and hire a capable head coach?"
I think alot of it that that 1) we are too influences by recentevents (e.g. the recency mental block per MBA books) and the administration is just unaware of what makes a good head coach.
let's remember something. A football coach at a high-profile I-A schools is

1) an administrator first
2) then a leader,
3) then a motivator

then concerns himself with things around football. I don't think anyone here is questioning Ted Roof's knowledge of football, but rather his ability to lead an organization. That is where I think this thing is falling apart.

Famous business author Malcolm Gladwell, once said in an interview, that he would be a better coach or general manager than many in the NBA or NFL (including Isiah Thomas) despite never having played either game past high schoool. His reasoning was not that he knew any more than the others , but because he knew less and KNEW IT.

Over the past 2 years, Duke's problems have been due to poor preparation and adjustments-- (read: asst. coaches aren't doing their job). Now this is either happening because Ted can't hire/retain competant coaching or he won't let them do their job. Neither is acceptable.

I think we need to understand this whenever the next coaching search begins. The problem with Franks and Roof (both somewhat successful Asst. coaches)is that they haven't been able to exhibit organizational leadership. This is why previous D-1 head coaching experience is so important. it is also why I am a bit more skeptical of a I-AA head coach. Due to the smaller size, these coaches need to be more hands-on and can't manage the organization.

Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells, Pete Caroll and Mack Brown are great examples of this. Neither of them is known as a visionary, either on offense or defense, but they surroung themselves with talented people, motivate them and see the results.

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