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Saturday, September 23, 2006

today's picks

a bit after kickoff, but after looking at them-- trust me i didn't change anything
Iowa - 21 vs. Illinois--  Illinois is just horrible, Iowa usually does well against a big number and doesn't look ahead.
Louis -14 vs. KSU-- Don't care that their best 2 players are gone.  This team is focus and just slapped miami around.  one of the most athletic teams around.  noone wants to believe they are any good.
Mich/Wisco Under 42-- Mich defense loves to bend but not bend and go under.  And noone has big let downs like Lloyd carr teams
Wyoming +1 vs. Air Force-- My best play of the day.  Should be a 10 point favorite if AF didn't play Tennessee close.  Wyoming has seen the option before and knows how to stop it.
Minn/Purdue Over 60.5--  Love going over high totals.  Both teams gave up over 30 to bad MAC teams.

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