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Saturday, September 9, 2006

wall street journal

As if Duke's football team didn't cause enough problems the WSJ (and I don't mean winston salem journal) shit all over the Duke admissions process today.  The story talked about how Duke and Brown, two wannabe ivies, have been actively recruiting the children of captains of industries in order to ensure that the Tobacco baron's university would continue to be well endowed.   It make it seem like Duke and Brown are the only two schools which engage in this practice and that all Duke is concerned about it fundraising.
Luckily, the reporter omitted several of the big-time students which attended the school and the infamous Alicia Silverstone controversy of the mid-90s.  It also neglected to mention how Duke admitted levels of women and minorities which are much higher than its "peer" schools, two groups who tend to give at much lower levels than the evil white males.
I wonder if our PR department will respond to the article.  It should be a welcome relief to be corrected press inaccuracies which have nothing to do with games played with sticks.

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