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Saturday, September 2, 2006

opening football weekend.  I was able to have enough discipline to not bet ont he Nevada Dresno state game last night.
I dindt realize how few games there would be tonight.  I am getting zero value for my ESPN Gamplan.  What also pisses me off though is that they are putting some decent games on ESPNU.  seems a bit deceptive to me, but oh well.
anyway pics for today, (none of which I actually like that much,but oh well).
Michigan - 26 vs. Vanderbilt.   Noone is better against bad opposition than Chad Henne.  Also coaches on the hot seat tend to cover big numbers.
Notre Dame -6.5 at Ga Tech.  I know you aren't supposed to take ND and this has all the makings of a trap line.  But Weis doesn't coach like a normal ND coach and I think calvin johnson is the most overhyped WR in the country.  Also, ND's defense couldn't be much worse.  When ND has been gamplanning for a game for 5 months, you know they will be sharp.
Also of note, all NCAA totals this week.  with the new clock rules, it looks like there will be 15-20 fewer plays per game.  Will the average better adjust.  Would betting every game unde this week be a good choice??  we'll see.

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