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Friday, September 8, 2006

Picks of the week...

1-2 last week, glad i didn't pick more games.  nothing like Mack Brown covering more than 5 tuddies. 
so here's we go...
Texas -2.5 vs. Ohio State.   Has a #1 vs. #2 game ever gotten this little hype?  Noone is talking about this game.  ND/Penn St is getting more hype.  Anyway,  Colt McCoy should be able to manage UT to a win in this one.  Ohio State proved they are a one-man team and one man team don't win championships.  To think I am picking Mack Brown in a big game is getting scary.
Penn St +8 vs. ND.  Lots of people think this is a bounceback game for the Irish.  But QBs with happy feet  don't lose them, especially against a good defense.   Plus ND still has noone who can cover Derrick Williams.
Texas Tech -7 vs. UTEP.  The system the system, the system.
NFL to come later.

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