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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Its been a while

with really no good reason for posting. Really didnt do very much this week. That's what happens when you really have nothing to do.

I have, however, turned into a night owl for no good reason. I stayed up watching tv or being online until 2 am then waking up round 9. By the time I am read the paper and taken a shower, it is noon. Then I go out for something and it is 2 or 3 and i am tired from a long day. Also, West Wing reruns are the crack of daytime television. Even if i know almost every line I still want to watch. I also spent this weekend once again watching the entire run of Sports night. It is amazing the crossover between the 2 shows. Here is a partial list from what i remember

  • Josh Malina
  • Lisa Edelstein (sam's hooker friend in west wing and dan's 1 night stand in SN)
  • the actress who plays the substitute anchor was Mrs. Barlett's chief of staff
  • Janel Maloney plays the assistance wardrobe director in an episode
  • Timothy Busfield directs a SN episode
  • Felicity Huffman was on WW for a few episodes of the majority leader's COS

I know there must be more. anyone?

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