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Saturday, December 18, 2004

NFL picks...

maybe Saturday games will be a good start.

Last week was 1-2, however, my Best Bet won so i count that as 2-2. I picked lots of underdogs even though big favorites cover at 70% in December. This week I will be much more on the side of trends.

  • Minnesota and Detroit Under 49
  • Washington - 5.5 Joe Gibbs finally has this team moving and should finish the season with some momentum
  • Jets -5.5
  • Carolina/Atlanta Under 42
  • Seattle/ Jets Over41
  • Pittsburgh -10.5
  • Bears/Texans Over 35 The Bear's defense is really bad and without Urlacher it is a complete joke. The Bears have noone who can come even close to covering Andre Johnson. Also, Chad Hutchinson (having successfully recovered from his Hard Knocks karoake performance with Richmond Flowers) will play some vertical football and this should be an easy cover.
  • Atlanta -3.5

First Bowl Picks of the Year

Georgia Tech -5. I really love this game. Syracuse is just horrible and Ga Tech will use this game to build for next year where they can beat anyone in the ACC. Reggie Ball's Heisman campaign will begin in the Citrus Bowl

1 comment:

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