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Saturday, December 11, 2004

nfl picks... exercise in futility

all year been doing well on college, poorly on the NFL. And i already love some bowl games. But maybe since I can focus all my attention on the NFL this week. Things will be better. I didn't pick any favorites which is normally a good thing. Plus I went actually early money and took 2 NFC team in interconference battles.

  • Best Bet: Cincinnati/ Pats Over 44. I think Cincy has a chance to win this game and both offenses have been so good. Carson Palmer is showing why he is a number one pick and Chad Johnson is one of the best 3 WRs in the NFL.

  • Bears +7.5 over Jacksonville. I think the real value might be on the money line in this game. But the Bears have always been a QB away from being a top team and Chad is the second best Chad QB in the NFL and that should count for something. Plus the Bears are 7-1 vs. the spread when Urlacher is healthy.

  • Tampa + 6 versus San Diego. San Diego's Super Bowl was last week. They basically clinched the Division. They alway tried to give the game away. TB's defense will show how inexperienced Brees is plus Brian Griese is getting better every week. Also, my friend Kristin was in love with him during college and called him Big Strong Man Hands. That should count for something.

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