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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Most awkward situation ever...

can anyone top this?

Being stuck alone in a room with your fiance's father watching Sex In the City. Keep in mind the father is a strict catholic and I am living in sin with his daughter.

I visited this past Christmas and learned of his newfound obsession with the show Sex and The City. So my fiance and I decide to give him a copy of our early season DVDs. In the three days, we were there, I believe he watched 14 episodes. The moments when he laughed over dirty jokes, which i am pretty sure he did not comprehend were some of the most awkward of my life.


Anonymous said...

Him being a strict catholic doesn't mean he doesn't understand dirty jokes.

Mark said...

true. but he admitted as such when he said, "I also wondered what they were talking about at work." I think he probably understood them but hadn't heard them before.