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Saturday, December 4, 2004

Online poker is so fun...

I think i am getting to good, or at least too knew. I've finally spent some time learning how to play stud. I've always loved stud 8 but stud high is going well which should suit me well since it is easier to find in brick and mortars casinos. Anyway, I am up around $500 over about 6 hours playing 5/10 over the past few days. And it is always the same 10-15 guys in the game. Now whenever I join a full/nearly full ring game, it is down to 2-3 players about 5 minutes after i arrive. Am i really that intimidating? Or better yet, do the players who i assume have much more experience know something that i don't?


Mark said...
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Anonymous said...

what site was this?

Anonymous said...

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