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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Question wonderland

Stolen from Kate

First, recommend to me:
A) A Movie
B) A Book
C) A song/CD/band

Then: Ask me three questions ... anything you want ... don't be shy ... and I will answer in the comments section.


Kate said...

OK, my turn ... (the HTML is looking very cute, BTW)

A) Croupier (Brit flick, VERY cool)
B) Kitchen Confidential (Anthony Bourdain)
C) Talking Heads

1. Best place in the US that you've visited?
2. Do you have any addictions?
3. What's your favourite cuisine and/or dish?

Mark said...

i love kitchen confidential by the way.

1) probably the outer banks of North Carolina (though vegas is a close second see response number 2)

2) addictions-- well i play a tons of poker but not really an addiction since i don't believe it is bad for me. So i will say my addiction are reruns of anything aaron sorkin produced especially west wing and sports night

3) thai food-- give me pad kee mao extra spicy extra tomatoes and I am a happy boy.


Kate said...

LOL, love the gambling comment.
I adore the West Wing - what else has he done?
And why is it funny to list Seattle as fave vac spot? That place is AWESOME. I have never eaten so well in my life ...

UKWarrior said...

Recommeded British culture

Movie: Shaun Of The Dead (Zombies and cricket bats)
Book: Fever Pitch - Nick Hornby (English football explained)
CD: DJ Louis Slippers: The £10 Bag (hip hop as it should be)

Will Hillary be the next US president?
How good is Luol Deng?
Who would win in a fight between a Gorilla and a Polar Bear?

Mark said...

To UK Warrior,

Thanks for the questions.

1) Tough one. In fact i might write a blog entry on this entire topic. In short, my answer is probably not. (thankfully). And even if Hilary is elected, it will not be the Hilary Americans have known for the past 6 years. For the past year and a half, Hilary has been changing her views to make herself more moderate and acceptable to the American public at large. I will write more on today's entry.

2) Luol will be a great player. He needs about one more year of experience and then he will be one of the top 25 players in the NBA.

3) Gotta go with the polar bear. I never thought Gorillas were all that tough. I don't think they even have claws. Polar bears are mean SOBs. They have big claws and deal with the cold weather. I think they would win.

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